Actiste now available in Sweden

The award-winning Actiste diabetes-care service is now available in Sweden. It’s the first of many markets to come.

On May 20th, we launched the Actiste diabetes-care service in Sweden. This is a special moment for us, as Sweden is our home market and it’s where our journey towards improving diabetes treatment began.

According to the International Diabetes Federation, diabetes affects some 521,200 adults in Sweden (approximately 7.2% of the adult population). As in many other countries, the cost of providing diabetes care represents an increasing burden for the country’s healthcare system.

A team of researchers studied diabetes care in Sweden over an eight-year period, determining that the costs for treating insulin-dependent type-2 diabetes rose from EUR 608 million to EUR 1.279 billion during that time. This represented a rise of 18% per patient, mainly driven by an increase in hospital care for diabetes-related complications. The picture is similar in other countries too.

Actiste is aimed at addressing this challenge, with features that help diabetics adhere to their treatment plans. Greater adherence can help significantly in lowering the risk of diabetes-related complications, reducing human suffering, and decreasing the costs of treating diabetes.

Actiste is available as a monthly subscription that includes the following:

  • The Actiste device: a lancet, blood glucose meter and insulin pen in a single item that fits easily into a pocket or a handbag. The device also has compartments for test strips and needles, so it’s the only item diabetics need to carry each day
  • A built-in data connection that works globally. All blood-glucose measurements and insulin doses recorded on the Actiste device are automatically saved so they can be shared when the user chooses
  • The Actiste Companion App for Android and Apple smartphones. All treatment data recorded on the Actiste device is synced with the app, where users can track progress against goals, set reminders, add notes, and more
  • Test strips, lancets and needles are automatically re-ordered by Actiste whenever they start to run low. There is no need to manually place an order or go anywhere to pick up the items – everything is delivered straight to the home
  • Access to customer support

Read more about Actiste.

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