Limitless control.

The diabetes care of the future is already here.

Actiste introduces a whole new paradigm in the daily treatment of diabetes, with user-friendly features that simplify care and allow the sharing of vital information – all from a single device.

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Simplified treatment and monitoring.


Both a blood glucose meter and a convenient container for self-calibrating test strips are integrated into the single Actiste device. The meter and the strips both meet the latest global standards that place increased requirements on accuracy and analytical quality. The sampling function is designed to make testing as comfortable as possible, with the strips requiring only a tiny drop of blood.


Actiste is the only injection device that can log the exact injected volume of insulin. This is critical for quality self care. Knowing when and how much insulin has been injected is also important for family members and other care givers.


Actiste stores both blood glucose values and insulin dosage history. With just the simple press of a button, users can see the latest blood glucose value, the time of an injection and the amount of active insulin. Activities and targets can also be logged for even better monitoring and management of blood glucose.


Should the user wish, the information stored by the Actiste device can automatically be shared – with another family member, for example – through a built-in global mobile connection that works globally. By linking the diabetic, the caregiver and other close contacts, Actiste simplifies follow-up and control, as well as increases safety in the event of low blood sugar events.


The user-friendly interface provides healthcare professionals with a clear overview of historical blood glucose levels and insulin doses. This information is readily available in the device and can easily be shared over-the-air during a meeting between the individual and their healthcare provider, for example.


By assimilating the most important diabetes care features in a single device, Actiste takes the pressure off the diabetic to remember all the equipment necessary for daily care: insulin pen, blood sampler, blood glucose meter, test strips, needles, lancets and log book. Actiste automatically re-orders all this equipment for the user when personal supplies start to run low. This both simplifies care and saves resources in the healthcare community.

With Actiste, everyone wins.

Brighter aims to become a leader in mobile health and data-driven healthcare. Above all, we want to contribute to a clearer picture of the health of the individual. By managing data from various online medical devices and tools, we provide the user with reliable and vital information that they can then choose to share in a smart and easy way. Over time, all the data gathered by Actiste will contribute to even deeper understanding of the best ways to treat diabetes.


Actiste has a unique opportunity to connect the user with care through mobile-connected service. This increases the user’s quality of life and motivation for care, while also providing them with the right information for optimal treatment. Actiste offers both users and caregivers what has long been missing in diabetes treatment: limitless control. With Actiste, everyone wins.

The diabetes care of the future is already here.

The number of steps in daily diabetes treatment is reduced by up to 67%* – thanks to all the necessary functions being integrated into the single Actiste device.

*Data on file Brighter 2015

Information is reliable and regularly updated through the automatic logging of blood glucose values and injected insulin doses.

An easy-to-use mobile app lets users log meal data and other events, view history, set reminders, get an overview at a glance, and share information with other care givers.

Security is increased in the case of loss or theft as vital functions are integrated into a single mobile-connected device, with information backed up in the cloud.

Improved quality and efficiency of care thanks to comprehensive record keeping and automated information flows to healthcare professionals and others providing treatment.

Increased motivation for behavioral changes through facilitating analysis and feedback.

Reduced load on the administration of prescriptions thanks to the automatic re-supply of essential equipment: insulin pen, blood sampler, blood glucose meter, test strips, needles, lancets and log book.